Why should we care? Consider the businesses that get left behind, those that never make it above the fold. They represent lost opportunities, never-realized positive financial impact, paradigm-changing solutions that died on the vine for lack of funding—because they were founded by women.

Female founders receive very little VC funding. Regardless of how you analyze the numbers, the story is the same.

  • In 2018, startups led by female founders received less than 3% of total VC funding.

  • In 2018, of the companies that VCs funded, only 5-10% were founded by women.

  • In 2018, on average, a VC deal for a female-founded startup was 33% smaller than the male-founded counterpart.

F4 is taking a unique approach to addressing the challenge. We’re here to work, every day, with female founders to help each of them be more successful. First, we must ensure a new startup funding model free of bias is available.

We can make a difference in ensuring more capital is available…one Female-Founded startup at a time.