We founded Phala Data, a startup that developed the MiRi™ Analytic Platform, an innovative enterprise software solution architected for large high-tech B2B companies. MiRi enables business executives to create, deploy and sustain relevant go-to-market strategies. 

Even after years in senior leadership roles in tech companies, we underestimated the challenge presented to female founders seeking VC Funding. We learned first-hand the extent to which VC Funding is not as available to women as it is to men. Less than 3% of VC Funding goes to startups with Female Founders. 

We are committed to working with policy setters—including to ensure that Female Founders have more access to VC Funding. Female Founders Faster Forward (F4) is a 501c/3 non-profit organization, that will work with the SBA (Office of Innovation and Investment), the National Women’s Business Council, and Congress—corporate funds, VCs, and female-led companies to change the status quo. 

Our goal is to increase VC investments for Female-Founded startups from under 3% to 20% by 2020.